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echarati ichiquiato farm land for sale


general description

Ichiquiato is a populated place and is located in Provincia de La Convención, Cusco, Peru. The estimate terrain elevation above seal level is 645 metres. Latitude: -12°39'23.15" Longitude: -72°45'49.96". Climate average 20 centigrade, 1500 MM rainfall, 75% humidity.

This place is the main for produce excelent quality of Overall the coffee has a delicate mouth feel and a light to medium body, with an aroma of Nutella. This coffeeʼs flavor however has me perplexed, the cups are never consistent. Itʼs as though the coffee had two sides to it, a sweet side and a tart side that are competing with one another in each cup.

Right now, with a fine grind out of my Mario I am tasting both a delicate, slightly sweet coffee and an opposing bright acidity that comes with a juicy cherry-cranberry flavor. With each brew I have tasted this duality with one side more prominent than the other. and perfect for adventure tourism to experiential tourism, can also develop livestock and forestry projects.

this property has:

Services basic water and sewer

electricity and road





gr - 002



US $ ......


General advert details

  Farm Land
Price / m2
  US $ 0.32 negotiable by owner
  Special for coffee crops, bananas, avocados, pastures for livestock, located in a wet zone almost all year.
Crops in Production
  1 Hectare of coffee, 2 hectares of bananas, 1 hectarea of avocado, 1 hectare of pine and 15 hectares to produce pastures, coffee and others.
  La Convencion, Echarati, Palpaca Real - ICHIQUIATO
  To two hours from Quillabamba, La Convencion and to six hours from Cusco..


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